Personal or Professional: The Ethics Conundrum (NEW)

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In our interpreting world, it is only in the last decade or so that the ethical decisions we make moment by moment are considered situational rather than a strident adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC). The interview section of the NIC performance exam attempts to understand our rationale for the choices we make, thus recognizing that circumstances influence our ethical choices.

This DVD will explore our personal ethics and how these impact our compliance to our professional ethical code. Paula D. Browning will introduce the tenets of the CPC in conjunction with interpreting scenarios in which we might find ourselves. Discussion and questions will help identify which code we are most apt to use in conflicting situations and help blend them in an effective display of ethical professional behavior in our work.


169 Minutes
Covers The Entire RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)
Translation of the entire RID CPC
Creation of Your Own Personal Ethic Statement
10 Practice Ethical Scenarios
16:9 Widescreen Ratio
Presented in ASL, English, and Subtitles
Earn .3 CEUs

Authored by: Paula D. Browning
Directed and Produced by: Wink

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Paula Browning

Paula D. Browning (RID CSC and NIC Advanced, NAD IV) has been interpreting nearly 40 years in venues such as Salk Institute, Deaf West Theatre, SERID, CAL-Ed, Alabama Interpreter Metamorphosis, and Alabama’s Mental Health Interpreter Training. She has an eclectic professional background. Paula has presented workshops since 1997 nationwide; has been a mentor in CSUN, Mississippi, and Troy University; a mentor/trainer through Georgia Perimeter College’s “Boot Camp;” and a mentor in the Video Outreach Mentorship Program through PEPNet’s WROCC. Paula is in her final semester of her History degree.

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